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Vital Records Fee Increase - Frequently Asked Questions

A printable selection of these Frequently Asked Questions is available:

PDFNew fees for vital records factsheet
PDFNuevas cuotas para actas de estado civil

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What is happening?

The fees to purchase vital records are increasing on January 1, 2016. The basic fee for a certificate will be $25. Fees for other services will also increase. PDFHere is a complete list of fees.

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What will the new fees be?

Here is a complete list of vital records fees that customers will need to pay starting January 1, 2016.
PDFThis information is also available in a downloadable print version.

Vital Records Fees Effective January 1, 2016​​​
First Copy Additional Copies
Mail Orders ​ ​
Mail order for one certificate (or one record search) ​$25.00 ​$20.00
Mail order for full image birth certificate (1903-2007) ​$30.00 ​$30.00
In Person Orders
Walk-in order for one certificate (or one record search) ​$28.25 ​$20.00
Walk-in order for full image birth certificate (1903-2007) $33.25 ​$30.00
Adding a different record to a group order (to add full image birth record add $5) ​$25.00 ​​$20.00
Telephone & Internet Orders
Telephone order for one record - includes $7 expedite fee and $12.95 VitalChek vendor and security fee for applicant identity verification and ID review $44.95 ​$20.00
Telephone order for one full image birth record (1903‐2007) ​$49.95 ​$30.00
​Internet order for one record ‐ includes $7 expedite fee and $11 VitalChek vendor and security fee for applicant identity verification and ID review ​$43.00 ​$20.00
​Internet order for one full image birth record (1903‐2007) ​$48.00 ​$30.00
​Adding a different record to a group order (to add full image birth record add $5) ​$25.00 ​$20.00
​Optional service: UPS Next Day Air ‐ Continental United States ​$20.00 ​N/A
​Optional service: UPS Next Day Air ‐ Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico ​$23.00 ​N/A
​Optional service: UPS Next Day Air ‐ Canada , Mexico ​$24.00 ​N/A
​Optional service: UPS Worldwide Express (not all countries or locations
available ‐ confirm destination at
​$34.50 ​N/A
Record Corrections, Amendments and Registration Fees ​ ​
​Correction or amendment fee ‐ birth and death records ​$35.00 ​$35.00
​Delayed registion of birth fee ‐ does not include cost of certificate ​$35.00 ​N/A
​Correction or amendment expedite fee (by prior arrangement) ​$30.00 ​N/A
Other Records
​Commemorative Stillbirth Certificate ​$25.00 ​$25.00
​Preadoption Birth Certificate ​$30.00 ​$30.00
​Certified No Record of Marriage (5 year search) ​$25.00 ​$20.00
​Note: if records are ordered at the walk‐in counter, by telephone or on the internet, additional fees apply. ​ ​
Archive Searches ​ ​
​Extended search for death, marriage or divorce records ‐ add $1 for each additional year to be searched. The basic fee covers a five year search. ​$1.00 ​N/A


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What are vital records?

Vital records are the legal registration of a vital event. A vital event is a birth, marriage, divorce or death. Every vital event that occurs in Oregon must be recorded and permanently stored with the Center for Health Statistics, also known as Oregon Vital Records. Certified copies of the record are printed on special paper and are known as certificates — birth certificates, death certificates or marriage certificates.

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Why are certificates important?

A birth certificate is a legal document used to establish identity. It shows who you are, and when and where you were born. You need a birth certificate to enroll a child in school; to get a Social Security card, a driver’s license or government benefits; or to apply for a passport.

The death certificate is the official legal record of death. A death certificate is needed to settle the affairs of your loved one. It has information about the person who died and the cause of their death. Insurance companies, the Social Security Administration and other agencies may ask for certified copies of the death certificate as proof of death.

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Why do the fees need to increase?

The last vital records fee increase was in 2003. The costs to support the state’s vital records system have gone up over time, but revenue from fees has gone down. A fee increase is needed to maintain its current service level, as required by law.

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How are the fees used?

Fees for vital records support services provided by state and county vital records offices. These services are:

Registering and storing vital records:

Each vital event in Oregon is registered and stored with the state vital records office. Information comes from hospitals for births, funeral homes for deaths, county clerks for marriage and the courts for divorce. The state vital records office must make sure each vital record has complete and legal information, and is numbered and indexed so each one can be easily found. Any changes made to the records at any time must be documented and tracked. Currently, the state vital records office has more than 6 million vital records and adds about 128,000 each year. Many of the vital records are now registered and stored electronically.

Screening and processing orders for certificates:

More than 170,000 orders for certificates are completed by Oregon Vital Records each year. County vital records offices can issue death and birth certificates for the first six months after the event. Vital records are confidential and access is limited to specific people for 100 years for birth records and 50 years for the other records. All orders are screened to make sure only persons that are eligible can get them. Screening also is a way to prevent fraud and identity theft.

Analyzing data from vital records:

Some of the most important facts about the health of Oregonians come from vital records. Information about low birth weight babies and access to prenatal care is gathered from birth certificates. Death rates, life expectancy measures and information on leading causes of death come from death certificates.

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Who will pay the increased fees?

Members of the general public who need vital records pay these fees.

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When will the fees increase?

New fees will take effect on January 1, 2016.

Mail orders that are received in 2015 or have a 2015 postmark will not be charged the new fee.

Internet or phone orders taken on and after January 1, 2016 will be charged the new fee. Customers coming in person will be charged the new fee starting Monday January 4, 2016 when state and county vital records offices open after the New Year holiday.

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What is happening at the county vital records offices?

County vital records offices issue birth and death certificates for 6 months after the event. Please see our County Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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What is the death filing fee? Is it changing too?

The death record filing fee is the $20 fee funeral homes pay to file a death record. This fee is not collected by the county or state vital records office; funeral homes pay the fee to Oregon Health Authority for each death certificate filed. Of the fee, $6 goes to help support the indigent burial fund and $14 goes to the State Mortuary and Cemetery Board.

This fee is not changing on January 1, 2016.

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Who is the contact person if I have questions about the new fees?

Please contact Jennifer Woodward, State Registrar, at or at 971-673-1185 if you have questions or need more information.

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