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Vital Records Fees to Increase in 2016

​What is happening?

The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Center for Health Statistics has amended the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) in Chapter 333, Division 11 pertaining to fees for vital records. The rules reflect the Oregon Health Authority's budget passed by the Oregon Legislature, effective July 1, 2015. PDFThe finalized rule changes are available here.

For more information about the fees, visit CHS’ Vital Records Fee Increase – Frequently Asked Questions page.

The new fees take effect January 1, 2016 and required updates to two OARs. The subjects of the rules include fees for vital records issued at the Center for Health Statistics (State Vital Records office) and county Vital Records offices.

The new fee schedule that is now in OAR appears below.

Vital Records Fee Schedule
Effective date: January 1, 2016
Not all services shown. See rules for complete information.
Services Current Fee New Fee
Jan. 1, 2016
​​New Fee
Jan. 1, 2018
​Birth certificates - first copy ​$20.00 ​$25.00 ​$25.00
    - Each additional copy ​$15.00 ​$20.00 ​$25.00
​Death, fetal death, marriage, or divorce certificates - first copy ​$20.00 ​$25.00 ​$25.00
    - Each additional copy ​$15.00 ​$20.00 ​$25.00
Expedite (handling charges) ​$5.50 ​$7.00 ​$7.00
Amendments ​$30.00 ​$35.00 ​​$35.00
Certificate replacement fee ​$20 flat fee for 4 or more ​$5.00 per replacement ​​$5.00 per replacement
​Verification fee $8.00/first 10 for free $10.00/first 5 for free ​$10.00/first 5 for free
New Fees​
Services Proposed Fee
​Certified copy of birth record requested as image ​​​$30.00
​Pre-adoption birth record (not previously separate service) ​​$30.00
​Contact preference form ​​$25.00
Amendment expedite fee ​​$30.00

What was the process?

The Oregon Legislature approved the new fee amounts as part of the Public Health Division budget for 2015-2017. However, since our fees are in rule, the Center for Health Statistics needed to amend rules to implement the new fee amounts.

Oregon has a well-established procedure for agencies when making or amending rules. Additional information on the process is available here. The process includes:

  • inviting participation by agencies and individuals that represent stakeholders (persons or businesses impacted by the rule) in a Rule Advisory Committee;
  • holding meetings with the Rule Advisory Committee to share language and need, discuss options and hear alternatives;
  • publish the proposed rule in the Secretary of State’s Bulletin with notice of a public hearing and the opportunity to submit written comments (instead of or in addition to appearing at the hearing);
  • notifying the legislature and interested parties of the proposed rule change and opportunity to comment;
  • a public hearing followed by a Hearing Officer Report to record the process, comments received and responses by the agency;
  • final adjustments and publication of the final rule online with effective date.

The Center for Health Statistics invited the following organizations to participate in the Rule Advisory Committee and to represent stakeholders for this rule change:

Transition Project
Oregon Department of Human Services, Child Welfare
Oregon Funeral Directors Association
Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials
Oregon Department of Justice, Child Support Division
Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Oregon Department of Corrections
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Social Security Administration

Rule-making Schedule

​Date ​Activity
​August 3, 2015 ​First Rule Advisory Committee meeting
​August 20, 2015 ​Second Rule Advisory Committee meeting
​September 2015 ​Notify interested parties including Oregon Legislature, Council of Local Health Officials, Public Health Administrators, county registrars, and public
​October 1, 2015 ​Proposed rules published in the Secretary of State’s Bulletin
​October 16, 2015 ​Public hearing occurs
​October 22, 2015 ​Public hearing comment period closes
​November 1, 2015 ​Secretary of State publishes final rules
​November 1 - December 31, 2015 ​County vital records offices and Center for Health Statistics prepare for new rules
January 1, 2016 Rules effective