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Radiological Emergency Response
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The Radiological Emergency Response혻program staff can be reached 24 hours a day by calling (971) 673-0490혻(Note: an answering service is available when the office is closed).
Other governmental agencies, such as Fire or Police, should access the program by calling the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) at 1-800-452-0311

About the Radiological Emergency Response Program

The radiological emergency response program in Portland, Oregon.혻Radiological Emergency Response program staff respond to approximately 100 emergency calls each year. The staff will answer questions, advise actions, and if necessary, respond to any radiological emergency within the state of Oregon.

Public Health Radiological Emergency Response Plan

Duty Officer - 24 hour Emergency Phone (971) 673-0490

David M. Howe, Section Manager (971) 673-0499
Todd S. Carpenter, Administration & Licensing Manager (971) 673-0500

Richard A.혻Wendt, Operations/Emergency Response Manager

(971) 673-0505

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