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Fishing in a lake

Oregon is known for attracting people to a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Whether it's swimming, surfing, fishing or some other outdoor play, you?셪l want to be aware of any current health alerts and advisories.

Advisories range from beach bacteria to harmful algae blooms to fish and shellfish advisories, as well as rules and information related to pools and lodging.

The Beach Monitoring Program helps protect people who play in coastal waters. We conduct regular water testing to look for high levels of bacteria and let visitors know when there is a health concern.
Seafood Guide
Fish and shellfish are good for your heart and brain. Consumption guidelines are designed to help you gain these health benefits while protecting you and your family from contaminants that can be found in seafood.
Girl on dock
Working to gain a better understanding about the occurrence of toxic algae blooms in Oregon, and advising the public when a bloom has been detected.
Child swimming
Protecting the health and safety of the public by establishing operational and regulatory standards for the food service, pools and spas, and tourist accommodations industries.