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Tracking and Assessment
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Tracking refers to the process of following diseases or exposures through time, in an attempt to understand the patterns and occurrence of certain conditions.

Assessment is the act of examining, measuring and understanding what is in our environment and how that affects us. This can include things as diverse as chemical substances, policies, transportation systems, or the construction of specific projects like a dam or a playground.

Our environment consists of the air we breathe, the soil beneath our feet, the water we drink, the food we eat and the schools, buildings and homes where we spend our time. Our health can be a reflection of the environment we live in. When our land, water, air and food are healthy and safe, we are more likely to be the same. Tracking & Assessment helps us to understand how we are affected by our environment.

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EHAP works at the request of concerned individuals and organizations to assess and prevent human exposure to chemical contamination.
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The Oregon Public Health Division's Health Impact Assessment initiative focuses on building our collective capacity to evaluate the health effects of projects and policies, and to provide the information to decision makers.
Oregon Environmental Public Health Tracking collects environmental hazard data and human health data to study how the environment is connected to human health outcomes.