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Health Screening for Babies

The first years of a baby's life are a time of amazing growth and change.

During this time, it's important to begin health screening at specific ages and stages혻of a young혻child's life.Screenings identify potential problems with growth, hearing, social-emotional development, oral health, and other issues.Diagnosis and preventive treatment early in life is the best way to ensure children will be successful when they are ready to enter혻the first grade.

Babies First!
Babies First! is a nurse home visiting program for families with babies and young children up to age 5.
Early Childhood Developmental Screening
A developmental screening tool is a list of questions that give a general idea of how a child is learning, growing and meeting developmental milestones.
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
Goals: Screen newborns for a possible hearing loss by 1 month of age, identify congenital hearing loss by 3 months of age and enroll infants in appropriate early intervention by 6 months of age.
Newborn Screening
Find out about screening newborns for rare but serious health problems like Cystic Fibrosis and other metabolic conditions.