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Young child

As children grow, they start forming habits that can have a lifelong impact. It?셲 never too early to start helping children learn healthy habits and behaviors.

The information found here is for parents and the many people who support and provide services for them. Together we can help children grow up healthy and ready to learn.

healthy child
Learn what's being done in public health to promote healthy weight and development in early childhood.
Kid playing outdoors
Links to pages describing environmental health issues, organized into the places where children spend much of their time: at home, in school, and in the outdoors.
Kids at school
There is a strong, well-established link between health and learning. Students??health impacts attendance, test scores, and the ability to pay attention in class.
Child looking out window
Resources for parents, families, contractors, local health departments, lead paint professionals, child care and school staff and medical providers.
Boy holding toothbrush
A healthy mouth is an important part of overall health. Good oral health starts with your child's baby teeth. If baby teeth are kept cavity-free, adult teeth are more likely to be cavity-free.