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Vital Records - Center for Health Statistics



Jennifer Woodward
Section Manager/State Registrar

Carol Sanders
Amendments & Certification Manager
Orders and changes for birth, death, marriage, divorce, and domestic partnership records

Karen Hampton
Vital Statistics and Systems Manager
Research and data analysis
Oregon Vital Events Registration System

JoAnn Jackson
Registration Manager
Completion and filing of vital records in conjunction with county offices



The Amendments unit is responsible for making changes, or amendments, to vital records for events that occurred within the state of Oregon. Vital records are the legal records documenting a vital event, such as a birth, death, marriage, Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership, divorce or fetal death.


The Certification unit is responsible for issuing certified legal copies of vital records for events that occurred within the state of Oregon, including births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and domestic partnerships.

Health Statistics

Vital statistics are the compilation and analysis of information collected from vital event records reported in Oregon. Vital records data are used throughout the state and nation for analysis of health trends, program planning, and policy development. We provide data on birth, death, dissolution of domestic partnership, divorce, domestic partnership, fetal death, induced abortion, marriage, and teen pregnancy occurring to Oregon residents.

OVERS - Oregon Vital Events Registration System

OVERS is a multi-year project to modernize Oregon's vital records systems. The new system provides a secure Web-based environment that supports convenient, stable, and flexible operations, from the creation of certificates to the production of certified copies and statistical reporting.


The registration of vital events in Oregon, namely the recording of the facts associated with life events such as births, deaths, and marriages, is a key public health function within the Center for Health Statistics. Registration means the process by which vital records are completed, filed and incorporated into the official records of the Center for Health Statistics.

About Us

The Center for Health Statistics is Oregon's Vital Records Office. Oregon law requires all vital events that occur in Oregon, such as births, marriages, divorces, and deaths to be recorded, registered, and filed with our office. The office is also responsible for certifying, amending, and issuing these vital event records.

The Health Statistics unit in our office is responsible for compiling and analyzing the data from vital records. These data are used throughout the state and nation for program planning and policy development.

Vital Records is part of the Center for Public Health Practice.

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