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Healthy Communities
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Where we live, work, play and learn influences our physical and mental health.

There is much that can be done to create and maintain healthy communities in Oregon. Communities that support people in making healthy choices help prevent chronic diseases and the resulting complications.

Public health prevents disease and promotes health by creating environments, policies, and systems that support wellness for everyone, such as access to healthy food, physical activity, immunizations, safe water and clean air.

Collaborative Efforts
Cross Agency Health Improvement Project (CAHIP)

CAHIP is a unique partnership between the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). Staff across both agencies are working together to improve the health of our clients, consumers and employees.

Place Matters Oregon

Place Matters addresses the growing chronic disease epidemic in Oregon and the risk factors and conditions that drive it. Experts in Oregon communities and universities are adding to a growing national conversation about how place matters to our health and what collectively we can do about it. Listen, discover and add your voice.혻

Oregon's Healthy Communities Program

We혻work with local public health authorities, federally recognized tribes, community-based organizations and community leaders to create healthy communities statewide. These groups혻collaborate to activate and spread policy, systems, and environmental changes that encourage people to be more physically active, eat a healthy diet, and not use tobacco. ?뗢€뗢€?/p>


 Learn more about how we work to create healthy communities within Oregon

Oregon Healthy Worksites Campaigns - a series of seasonal and topical campaigns that feature a variety of tools in each campaign kit, including menus and tips for making worksites healthier.
Find tools and resources for community assessment, Community Health Assessments (CHA), Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP), and health impact assessments.
Strategic planning tools for improving community health, including guidance in creating change and improvement, with a focus on specific practical skills ??such as conducting a meeting, grant writing, strategic planning, community assessment
The Cross Agency Health Improvement Project is an innovative partnership involving the highest level of leadership from OHA and DHS that aims to improve the health of clients, consumers and employees.
Promoting and supporting healthy worksites in Oregon through a strategic focus on the worksite setting. Strategies include policy interventions and worksite campaigns to reduce chronic disease risk factors and promote self-management of health issues.
Everyone visiting, working at and doing business on state of Oregon properties should be able to breathe clean, smoke-free air. Learn about Oregon's Tobacco-Free State Properties Initiative.