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Health in All Policies
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All policies in all sectors promote health

Health in All Policies (HiAP) is a collaborative approach that emphasizes consideration of the public's health and well-being in policy decisions across all sectors.

HiAP is based on the recognition that population health is largely determined by living conditions and other societal and economic factors (also known as혻the social determinants of health) and therefore influenced by policies and actions beyond the primary scope of the health care sector. Health in All Policies Factsheet (pdf)

Why is this important for Oregon?

The state's most challenging health problems -혻including obesity, chronic diseases, and widening health inequities - are driven by such things as the built environment; transportation options; access to food; and educational and economic opportunities. In order to address these complex problems and improve the public's health, it is necessary to ensure that all policies in all sectors promote health.

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Public Health and Education

Health, from early childhood throughout the lifespan, is critical for educational success in kindergarten and beyond. Learn more about how education and health are connected.

Transportation and Health

Transportation options can influence safety, physical activity, health and health care costs.