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Health Care Providers and Facilities

Providing health care involves working within a complex system of state and federal agencies and many other community partners. It is important for health care providers to know what is expected of them and which resources are available to assist them in meeting those expectations.

Licensing and certification of health care facilities is critical to ensuring that established standards are met by hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, hospice programs and other health care facilities.
Rules and regulations are developed by multi-stakeholder advisory groups to ensure that Oregonians receive safe, high quality health care.혻?뗢€뗢€?/p>

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Information and resources for healthcare providers about meaningful use objectives for public health.
Healthcare provider
Regulating health care facilities, providers and suppliers - in acute care and community-based programs - to ensure Oregonians have wide access to the health care they need and that it will be safe and of high quality.
Patient and provider
The Public Health Division is committed to supporting safe health care for all Oregonians ensuring patients in Oregon are safe in all interactions with the health care delivery system.
Working to ensure that newly constructed facilities provide safe, adequate care and lodging, minimize the need for costly changes and delays, correct deficiencies in newly constructed facilities and promote cost containment.
Certificate of Need ("CN") programs work to control the rapidly escalating costs of health care through planning and regulation. The purpose of these programs is to evaluate whether a proposed service or facility is actually needed.